Full of primeval forests, stalinist architecture and impressive fortifications, Belarus is one of the most interesting landlocked countries out there. Belarus is surrounded on all sides by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The country is currently divided up into 6 regions, the most important one being Minsk which is the capital city. The south of Belarus is known for its vast forests and grazing pastures. Most of the countries populations is located in the Northern part of its landmass. Statistically, 40% of this country is made up of forests and their most common resource is Peat. Peat can be defined as a slab of decayed vegetation that can be used as fertilizer or fuel. Another unique aspect of this country has to do with their demographic. Their population stands at about 9.5 million people, 84% being Belarusian, 8% Russian and 6% other. The interesting thing about these statistics is that only about 20% of their populations actually speaks Belarusian. The remaining 80% speak mainly Russian. Their unemployment rate is also very impressive coming it around 1%. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful country don’t forget to visit the Mir Castle Complex, the Bialowieza Forest and the majestic church of saint Simon and Helena.


In this years Miss eco International Pageant we will be hosting one of the most beautiful women from this country, Ms. Anastasiya Kaptsiuh. She has a beautiful family who supports her in everything that she is doing and they are very near and dear to her heart. Her family currently consists of her mother, father, 2 sisters (one who is 5 years old another who is 21),and her little brother who is only 2 years old. One of the most important things for this beauty is the love she has for her home country of Belarus. Born and raised in this beautiful country, this lovely young lady graduated from the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University with a major in Management. Anastasiya is an avid dancer and she has invested her heart and soul into the art since she was a child. While she pursued her degree in management, Ms. Kaptsiuh also took part in her University/country’s cultural life.  One of the most prestigious honors she has received was an invitation to the Presidential Ball for Alumni. It was a very important accomplishment for her and having the honor to sit and dine with the president was a truly profound experience. The most inspirational quote in her life has been from Mother Teresa, it says: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”