Gold’s Gym: Miss Eco Fitness 2017

On April 3rd, 2017, we took all of the Miss Eco International 2017 to Gold’s Gym Lagoon in Alexandria. There, the ladies had the chance to compete for the title as this years’ Miss Eco fitness 2017, an award sponsored by Gold’s gym. All of the contestants had to complete a course made up of different exercises designed to test their speed, strength and endurance. The exercises included an assortment of Squats, deadlifts, sledgehammer exercises, pushups, crunches and sprints. The goal for each lady in this competition was to complete the workout circuit as quickly as possible. All of the ladies found the circuit challenging but every single one of them was able to complete the course. They received a well thought out warm-up exercise along with a cool down stretch workout planned by the trained Gold’s Gym staff. This guaranteed that the contestants minimized the chance of injury before the workout and that their bodies cooled down properly afterward.

We decided to ask a few of the ladies what they thought about the competition, here is what Miss Eco USA Anh Do had to say: “Loved that Miss Eco decided to include a fitness aspect in the activities leading up to the main event. The Miss Eco International Beauty pageant isn’t just about looking aesthetically good, but rather being physically fit and healthy. This is what we should be promoting, especially because of the younger generations that are looking up to us. The competition was very hardcore, specifically because most of us are not used to training that way, it was a challenge! I think the most important thing about this course was finishing, not just getting the fastest time. It was a great feeling when I finally crossed the finish line and I knew I had completed the course.”

Miss Eco Australia Elice Craig also gave us here opinion on the event: “I really enjoyed the competition, I love Crossfit but it was really challenging and tiring. My favorite moment was when I finished, I’m happy that I made it through and had the chance to participate.” Miss Eco Panama Ayhemeis Henriquez also enjoyed the competition and she couldn’t wait to share her thought with us: “The competition was very good and I really enjoyed it. All of the people who took part in the event were extremely nice and helpful. We had a great time and I shared some unforgettable moments with the other ladies. The competition itself was very difficult but I was still very happy that I was able to cross the finish line. I enjoyed every single exercise that I did in the course and I’m hoping to integrate a few of them into my daily workouts.”

This was one of the most challenging competitions to date that we have ever featured in the Miss Eco Fitness event. We would like to thank our sponsors, especially Gold’s Gym for their support throughout this event. Their staff clearly knew what they were doing and they made the competition run smoothly and efficiently. We can’t wait to work with them again in the near future in order to have another spectacular event. Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s blog post to get a review on the Miss Eco International Talent Competition. In this post, we will give you guys insight on how the ladies prepared for the Talent Show and who won the competition. Also, during the talent show, the winner of the annual Miss Eco Fitness will be announced and we will make sure to let all of you know who was chosen as the winner.