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Miss Eco International

The Miss Eco International Beauty pageant event was first officially registered with the ministry of culture in 2015. The main goal of this pageant is to support Eco-Tourism and the environment. The event was founded by the media production company “Beauty For Eco”. This company’s goal is to promote economic and environmental sustainability. Miss Eco is still actively pursuing its goals through its prestigious international events. They invite contestants from all over the world. Their delegates are always promoting Eco culture and international relations/cooperation.

How the Pageant works:

The contestants will be looking to win the pageant in order to become the main face in the marketing of world wide Eco-Tourism. In addition to this, the queen will spearhead the promotion of the campaign to save our planet not only in the physical sense (the environment), but also on a cultural/emotional level. They will accomplish this by telling showing the public how to successfully market these cultural and environmental goals to the world.

The queens who are selected from all over the world will exchange ideas, goals and their community projects with one another. They will be united as sisters under the Miss Eco International family.

The main objective of the contest is to choose the best Queen to be the ECO queen for the marketing of Eco-tourism all over the world and promote the principle of agreement that we will safe our planet not only environmentally Laith but culturally through the exchange of cultures between queens through the selection of the best special offers on how tourism marketing year, tourism special environmental at the international level and presented to the public for how to use them.

Miss ECO Queen 2015 Delegates comes Miss ECO luxury processions together and exchange their community volunteer projects, ideas and goals with each other, they become united as sisters competition in the Miss ECO contest Pageants family.

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