Mister Eco International

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Miss ECO Int.

And are judged delegates luxury processions in the interview, where independent judges ask questions to determine their views in Life – society and their role in it – the role of men in the impact on the tourism, environmental and tourist point at the regional and global level, gender equality and voluntary work and how it plans to continue to make a difference, regardless of the results of the competition.

Although physical fitness is an element of competition, with pride in one’s body is more important than the actual size or shape. Wellness in mind, body and spirit are the key elements of competition fitness. Harmony of these three elements perpetuates the rider’s ability to serve others.


Behavior and attitude


The official dates of the competition is-April 2018.

The activities include:

  • Eco video
  • Charity events
  • Eco and environmental activities
  • Reusing and recycling
  • Any other creative projects


National Costume show

Fitness prime

Talent Show

Tuxedo show

Separate challenges competition


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